Separation: I'm Melting https://vimeo.com/793888291

5) Fermentation: RAISE https://vimeo.com/167938132

7) Coagulation: I'll  https://vimeo.com/165013946

1) Calcination: take and give 6′ x 6′ x 6’ car dealership streamers, cellophane gift wrap, mylar balloons, gift bag handles, ribbon, tinsel, plastic mesh, string lights, fluorescent lights, paint, ash, electric fans

2) Dissolution: spiral jetty interpose Collaboration with Jami Porter Lara. Performed at Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty at Rozel Point Peninsula on the northeastern shore of Great Salt Lake.

3) Separation: I'm Melting Created and Performed by Celeste Neuhaus Camera by Todd Mattei. Special Effects by Derrick Ledbetter. Performed at Temple ov Thee Holy Whore.

4) Conjunction: to and fro 5′ x 5′ x 2" used wrapping paper, ribbons, crepe paper, cellophane spiders, plastic foil, gift bags, kite, paper confetti, sand, bubble wrap, paint, insulation, panel

5) Fermentation: RAISE Created by Celeste Neuhaus performed by Celeste Neuhaus Connor Hestdalen and Keith DeVries. dog cage, black body paint, tighty whities, baby oil, press-on nails, modified wolf mask Camera by Ambulantic. Performed at Temple ov thee Holy Whore

6) Distillation: boo who? burnt cotton handkerchiefs, burnt-out light bulbs, Epsom Salt, Cyprus Flake Salt, Pacific Sea Salt, Alaea Red Hawaiian Sea Salt, Grey Sea Salt, Kala Namal Indian Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Peruvian Pink Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, Paw Thaw Ice Melter, Environmentally Friendly Ice Melter, Nasal Cleansing Salt

7) Coagulation: I'll Created and performed by Celeste Neuhaus performed separately for camera and audience white lace girdle, fake diamond ring, blush, white body paint, church aisle, stained glass rose, pews Camera by Ambulantic. Performed at Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center.